We Create Delicious & Nutritious Products Using Spent Grain Sourced From Local Breweries

Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

"Every loaf of bread is a tragic story of grains that could have become beer." It's an old story.

The Spent Grain Baker is writing a new story. Every batch of beer provides an opportunity to create Delicious and Nutritious products made from Spent Grains sourced from Local Breweries just like yours.

These delightful snacks are available prepackaged or in bulk. And because we use your Spent Grains, everything you sell will have your own logo on it.

Beer, it's even more amazing than you thought!

Step 1

Spent grains are a waste product of the brewing process, but still very nutritious. A small brewery produces hundreds of pounds of spent grains, which we only need small portion of (2-3 pails).

Step 2

As soon as the spent grain is in our hands we start the dehydration process.

Step 3

After dehydration, we either use the grain as is or turn it into mill flour, which is then used in the creation of our delicious and nutritious products!

Step 4

Once the production process if complete, the products are then packaged with our brewery partner’s logo displayed prominently on the labels.

Step 5

Then, the Spent Grain Baker will visit each partner location once a week to pick up the spent grain and drop off the brewery’s own product for them to sell.

Step 6

Becoming a partner means that the brewery’s brand will be featured prominently in our bakery, as well as at various trade shows and farmers markets that we visit, as well as on this website!

Brewery Partners